Tips For Becoming An Ideal Neighbor

Tips For Becoming An Ideal Neighbor

Relationship plays a vital role in our lives as human beings, and one such relationship is that between neighbors. Your neighbors play a very huge part to shape your house life. Nobody wants an uncaring and unfriendly neighbor as they make you start thinking about changing your neighborhood. Respectful and friendly neighbors, on the other hand, help to build a positive atmosphere and make your street a welcoming place to live in.

You and your family need to set some expectations and take some responsibility to become the “ideal” neighbor. Here are some tips that guarantee you and your family will be ideal neighbors:

Introduce Yourself

Introducing yourself is easy once you know how. Start with your name, where you live, and why you moved to the area. Then tell about yourself. What do you like? Do you have hobbies? Are you married? Have kids? Tell them everything they should know about you!

Be Mindful Of Your Pets

Not every person likes animals and thus we should try to keep our dogs and cats under strict supervision. We should also follow all local ordinances regarding dog and cat licensing. In addition, we should make sure our dogs and cats are properly vaccinated and licensed. Also, we should take our dogs out on leashes when we walk through our neighborhoods. Last but not least, we should practice good manners by cleaning up after our dogs and cats.

Be Aware Of Shared Walls and Spaces

If you are sharing a wall with a neighbor, then you should ensure that you do not disturb them during their sleeping hours. Find out what times they go to bed and wake up and remember those times so that you know when to stay quiet. Keep noise levels low during these periods. If you hear something disturbing such as loud movies or loud songs, then you could ask your neighbors if they would like you to lower the volume.

Be Careful With The “Love Time”

This tip goes together with the previous tip because it is about making noises during sexual intercourse. Some people enjoy watching porn with their lovers while they’re doing it, others prefer to express themselves through loud moaning and some people even earn a living by doing pornofilm with their lovers (this is quite common in Germany) and then selling them online.

If you’re one of these neighbors, then it’s definitely a good idea to find some way to avoid or at the very least disguise the sexy noises you make when you watch TV or make some porno. You know your neighbors won’t be happy about this, but it’s still something they don’t really want to hear again, especially if they have small kids.

Besides… there is an old proverb that says “don’t eat in front of hungry people.” It could very well apply here since the couple is not having sex during those hours and watching porn might not be a good idea.

Inform Your Neighbors Ahead Of Parties

If you’re planning a big gathering with lots of people, then you need to let your neighbors know about it so they don’t get surprised when the noise starts. You could even invite them to the event if you’re in good relations with them.

Maintain Your Landscape

It’s important to maintain consistency between homes in terms of landscaping and colors. Trees and shrubbery need to be trimmed regularly, and the overall appearance needs to be kept up. Keeping the exterior of your house looking good helps to increase its resale price.

Keep Your Yard and Garden Neat

Take responsibility for your own property and try to keep it neat and tidy. Maintain a regular schedule for trimming your shrubs and trees so they do not grow into one another. Clean up your flowerbed and rake up any dead leaves that may fall onto your driveway. You might also consider hiring a landscaping company to help you maintain your property.

Proper Parking Etiquette

Always respect others’ spaces, whether they’re parked next to yours or not. Don’t block them from accessing their cars by driving too close to theirs. And don’t rev your engine so loud that you shine light into their car windows or slam your door so hard that it makes noise.

Be Security Conscious

If you’re not part of the neighborhood association, you don’t need to be there every day. However, if something happens, you should let your neighbor know right away so they can take care of it. Respect their personal space.

These tips should help you to be a good neighbor and create a very positive atmosphere in your community!